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Bus Wrap

Orange Partnership Mental Health Campaign

Bus wrap featuring evidence-based messaging about suicide prevention and mental health for college students.

Partnered with Orange Partnership for Alcohol and Drug-Free Youth ( and the Freedom House Recovery Center ( to produce an evidence-based campaign modeling how to reach out to support friends or ask for mental health help yourself. Intended to promote supportive mental health practices and increase awareness of the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

After reviewing literature and best practices around mental health and suicide prevention messaging, specifically for youth and college students, we created an action-oriented, supportive "check in" messaging approach that addressed mental health without stigmatizing or normalizing suicide.

Our messaging focused on promoting and modeling proactive outreach to friends who might be struggling, while also normalizing asking for help or support. The bus wrap was put into rotation, in both English and Spanish, on Chapel Hill Transit in the fall of 2023 and continued to cover routes throughout campus and beyond in the greater Chapel Hill area.

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