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Breaking Vape: We break down the science so you don't have to.

Digital hub for youth vaping prevention research from the Communicating for Health Impact (CHI) Lab at the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media

Partnered with the Communicating for Health Impact (CHI) Lab to create a digital hub for youth vaping prevention information. This youth-appropriate, engaging, research-backed website supported a study using text messages about the risks of vaping. 

Teens and young adults may not know the latest research on how dangerous vaping could be for them, and there’s limited research on what works to communicate with them. In partnership with researchers at CHI Lab, we designed a website to best showcase their research.

We worked with a Youth Advisory Board to ensure appropriate-ness of this vaping information website. The result was a cleanly designed website delivering bias-free health information that resonates with the audience and allows them to form their own opinions.

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