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Print • Digital • Video Series

"Share Your Why; Offer a Way"

COVID-19 Vaccine Support Storytelling Campaign featuring local voices and community member input for Granville Vance Public Health

For COVID-19 vaccine uptake, each community needed a local and culturally relevant approach. In partnership with Granville Vance Public Health, a single health department supporting two rural NC counties, we developed and produced a multi-faceted storytelling communication campaign in both English and Spanish.

The storytelling campaign elements in print, digital, and video featured citizens' voices "sharing their why" behind their COVID-19 vaccine uptake with their fellow community members. The campaign leveraged existing networks of connection of trust and reliance across prioritized institutions such as community, church, family, and friends to model vaccine trust. Using the "the why" as a jumping point, the campaign then encouraged citizens to then support each other in "offering a way" to take the next step towards COVID-19 vaccine uptake. An additional video element featured the local health department director voicing her support for the vaccine and also recognizing her community and its support of each other.

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