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Video Series

"How did the COVID-19 vaccines happen so fast?"

COVID-19 Vaccine Education video series to address vaccine hesitancy in partnership with Dr. Kali Cyrus, MD, MPH

After Dr. Kali Cyrus, MD, MPH went viral in early pandemic days explaining how racism was causing Black and Latino communities to die of COVID-19 at higher rates, she wanted to connect with more audiences but needed a partner to co-create the content.

We eagerly partnered with the DC-based psychiatrist to develop, create, and produce animated videos about the newly announced COVID-19 vaccines. 

These videos featured Dr. Cyrus (and her signature hand drawn animated scientific elements) speaking directly to Black and brown communities navigating the wave of information (and misinformation) around these new vaccines. Videos were produced in both English and Spanish and were featured on

Learn more about Dr. Kali Cryus's work here:

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